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Leak Detection and Repipes

Leak Detection Plumbers in Fresno, CA

Knowing a leak exists is one thing; finding out exactly where the leak originates from is something totally different. Don’t allow someone to come into your house or business and begin cutting floors or walls without determining exactly where the leak is coming from. All Pro Plumbing takes pride in helping its customers with leak detection and all leak detection technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art leak detector devices that locate sewer, drain and plumbing leaks in walls or slabs. Once a leak is identified we can go over all our options for repair and make sure we find a solution that meets your budget.

All Pro Plumbing believes when you have broken pipes under slabs you should Repipe and not just repair. The reason for this belief is after being Fresno’s Leading Repipe experts for 20 years we have ran into many problems after a simple pipe repair under a slab has been made.

Underground pipes make contact with soil on the exterior of the pipe and water on the inside. Water balance and a charged ground could induce electrolysis in metallic pipes, causing corrosion from the inside or outside of the pipe and eventually causing holes in the pipe. Hot water lines will more likely corrode from the outside in due to the reaction of the heat and the contents of the soil surrounding the pipe.

Cold water lines generally deteriorate from the inside out due to electrolysis being created on the inside of the pipe. Electric lines running beneath the slab can also energize metallic pipes and induce electrolysis resulting in corroded pipes.

So even if you make the repair on the broken pipe a piece of the pipe father down the line has already been exposed and can be deteriorating fast causing another leak in due time.

We replace all lines with Dura pex piping and eliminate all underground water lines. These lines will last longer than your house will and speed up the process of receiving water and grow the pressure to your lines.

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